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Win £3,000 For Black Friday Thanks To TalkTalk

TalkTalk want to make broadband fairer for everyone. It's why their broadband plans all come with a promise of no mid-contract broadband price rises. And it's why they're tearing up the rule book on Black Friday.

Instead of lasting just a single day, or a week…their sale is lasting the whole of November!

Great news for all you smart savers, bargain hunters, and voucher code lovers. With TalkTalk's Black Friday sale, you can bag yourself over 30% off their award-winning unlimited fibre broadband on a new 18-month plan, with no set-up fee or delivery charges.

So now everyone can do their own thing online, on all their devices, all at once.

To celebrate the arrival of Black Friday, we've teamed up with our friends at TalkTalk to give away an epic £3,000. For your chance to win, simply scroll down and answer the question below.

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TalkTalk. Fairer Broadband for Everyone

Waging war in an epic online multiplayer, browsing for the latest bargains online, or binging on your favourite shows on-demand. Whatever you're into, you need a fast, reliable connection that can keep up with you. But you don't need it to cost the Earth.

With TalkTalk's award-winning totally unlimited Faster Fibre, you can enjoy a great connection at a surprisingly low price. With a connection that's on average, 3x faster than standard broadband, you can do more online on more devices, all at once.

And with TalkTalk, you'll never have to worry about mid-contract broadband price rises or nasty usage charges. Their broadband plans are price fixed for the length of your contract and they're all totally unlimited.

So choose TalkTalk today for a fairer broadband connection that's perfect for when everyone in your home is streaming Netflix, Skyping friends and uploading snaps to Facebook.

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All Fixed Price Fibre Plan customers enjoy:

Unlimited internet usage

A game-changing Wi-Fi Hub

Online security features

Fixed price for contract length

Access to TalkTalk TV store

Win A Tech Bundle With TalkTalk

To celebrate the early launch of TalkTalk's Black Friday Sale, we've teamed up with them to give you the chance to win £3,000.

To enter, simply take part in our quiz below. Entries close at 23.59 on 29th November 2018. T&Cs apply.

QUIZ: What Type Of Shopper Are You?


How do you budget for shopping?


Which of the following shopping scenarios stresses you out the most?


Which of the following do you say the most?


You can’t decide between two items to buy, what do you do?


How do you like to shop?

You're a...

Wish List Warrior

You don’t mess around when it comes to sales. You have all the items you want to get your hands on saved to your wish lists, on each of your fave stores’ websites, ready to add to your basket as soon as the sales start!

You're a...

In-store shopper

For you, it’s all about seeing the goods close up and shopping the sales in store. You love hitting the shops and taking it all in – shoulder barging included – but you definitely have to hide the bags when you return home!

You're a...

Early starter

Not wanting to miss out on a single deal, you set your alarm for 6am sharp to shop the best of the Black Friday sales. You even have a bookmark tab saved for each item that you want to get your hands on!

You're a...

‘Black Friday Browser’

While you might not have planned to hit the sales hard this year, you’ll definitely have a peak at what’s on offer. Who doesn’t love a bargain after all?

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