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In times like these, looking out for each other, giving when we can, and random acts of kindness are now more important than ever. And we want to start talking, continue listening, and join in with spreading some of that much-needed positivity.

And this year, Capital wants to give back to the community. But we also want to reward you guys! So, we've teamed up with giffgaff to give you the chance to nominate a cause or community project that you're passionate about, and also get a brand new iPhone 12 64GB for yourself.

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Give back with giffgaff
and Capital

As part of their continued commitment to combat loneliness and isolation, giffgaff has joined up with the team at Capital to give back even more. As well as giffgaff giving you cash to recycle old phones (also great for the planet), and the option to donate the value to those in need, for the next year they are also promising even more!

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We would love for you to get involved…

So, we are giving away £500 to a cause of your choice, plus a brand new iPhone 12 64GB for you too! Together, we can make a real difference.

giffgaff – the mobile network run by you

Hiya. We're giffgaff. A mobile network that keeps things nice and flexible. We don't do contracts, so you can change your monthly plan whenever you like.

We're also big on community. Whether that's supporting important causes or celebrating communities who've done top work, we're actively looking for ways to give back and do good. We work hand-in-hand with our giffgaffers who are involved along the way.

If you fancy joining the gaff, take a browse through our goodybags (this is giffgaff lingo for 'mobile plans'). We're especially excited about our dazzling golden goodybags which give you more data.

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Our pal Barry has been a giffgaffer for a whopping 10 years. The flexibility, good value for money and helpful community has made his decade easy as pie.

Here's what we pride ourselves on:

Flexible plans

Great Value

Caring community

If you’re after a new mobile network, you’re always welcome at team giffgaff. See you soon.

Opening Doors London

The pandemic has really shone a light on the importance of community, and that's why this month we're proud to be able to spotlight Opening Doors London. They are the UK's largest charity helping connect LGBTQ+ people over 50 with activities, events, support and information.

It's so important to show allyship and support older people within the LGBTQ+ community. They are less likely to have family around them to support them as they age, and many have had to experience a lifetime of prejudice and discrimination. Opening Doors is the perfect place to connect the community, feel safe amongst friends, share stories and be heard.

By making a donation to Opening Doors, you can help bring LGBTQ+ people over 50 together, enabling them to enjoy their later years, get the help they need as they age and feel free to live their lives authentically.

Together with giffgaff, we know a good chat can mean the absolute world. So, let's continue to pick up the phone, talk, listen, learn, and stay connected. Donate now and we can give back with giffgaff through the power of community.

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UK's largest charity helping connect LGBTQ+ people over 50 with activities, events, support and information.


"Once a week I call my adopted 'gay grandad' - an 84 year old gay man. We chat and catch up - not just mutual interests but often what's going on in the news and more important social history. In his warm and hearty voice, often brimming with laughter and cheeky retort, he's told me of life growing up as a gay black man in South Africa during apartheid."

Opening Doors London Volunteer

"I came across ODL and I was thrilled. Every care home in the country should have an LGBTQ+ policy. We've got a lot of scared older people who go back in the closet. I went to Pride, 73yrs old and it was one of the proudest marches I've been on. We had an ODL bus and were the oldest people in the parade, and that was bloody marvellous."

Opening Doors London Member


Our projects

As part of their continued commitment to 'give back', giffgaff have partnered with the Neighbourly Foundation to give vital support to grassroots causes throughout the year.

Nominate a cause to get cash and get a brand new phone for yourself

Each month, we want to reward you and your community.

Maybe an environmental charity in your area could do with some extra love, or a mental health charity has gone above and beyond this year. Whatever projects you're passionate about and want to give back to, we could make it happen!

Simply nominate your chosen community project or cause below and tell us why you feel they deserve to be rewarded. You could then be in with a chance of getting a brand new iPhone 12 64GB for yourself, and we'll also donate £500 to your chosen charity!

Your nominated project or cause must be a registered charity.

Entries will close at 23.59 on Wednesday 30th June 2021.

This competition is also running on Capital XTRA.

T&Cs apply.

Q. Tell us the name and a brief description of a UK based cause or community project you think we should support in 2021 with give back with giffgaff.

Please include your name, charity contact details and reason for nominating.

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