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In times like these, looking out for each other, giving when we can, and random acts of kindness are now more important than ever. And we want to start talking, continue listening, and join in with spreading some of that much-needed positivity.

This winter, we want to give back. But we also want to reward you guys! So, we've teamed up with giffgaff to give you the chance to nominate a cause or community project that you're passionate about, and also get some extra cash for yourself.

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Give back with giffgaff
and Capital

As part of their continued commitment to refurbishing, recycling and gifting old phones for good, giffgaff has joined up with Capital to give back even more. As well as giffgaff giving you cash to recycle old phones (also great for the planet), and the option to donate the value to those in need, for the next year they are also promising even more!

For the next year we want to support communities across the UK as much as we can – and we'd love for you to get involved.

So, starting this winter, we are going to give away £500 each month to a cause of your choice, plus £500 for you too! Together, we can make a real difference.

giffgaff – the mobile network run by you

Hiya. We're giffgaff. A mobile network that keeps things nice and flexible. We don't do contracts and you can change your monthly plan wherever you like.

Community is at the heart of everything we do. And right now, our focus is on reducing waste and getting old phones back into circulation. Did you know, there's over 55 million phones in the UK sitting around in our drawers? Think about all that untapped potential, and opportunity to unlock value! Now think about how glorious it'd be to do something about it, together.

So we're asking you to have a good ole' rummage for any old or unused phones and do one of the following:

• Refurbish your phone
• Recycle your phone
• Gift for good

We believe every small change can make a big impact, so if you get involved you'll help create a more sustainable environment for us all. Out with the old, now let's do something new.

Refurbish, recycle, give back


Refurbish your phone

See if you can trade in your phone with us. We'll give it a tidy up and find it a happy home. And you’ll even get some cash in return. Win-win.


Recycle your phone

With our friends at Recycle Your Electricals, we'll help you find the nearest place to responsibly recycle your phone and other gadgets.


Gift for good

When you sell your phone with giffgaff, you can choose to donate part or all of the value to a lovely charitable cause. With the Neighbourly Foundation, your money will help support local communities.

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Our projects

As part of their continued commitment to 'give back', giffgaff have partnered with the Neighbourly Foundation to give vital support to grassroots causes this winter.

Nominate a cause to get cash and get cash for yourself

Each month, we want to reward you and your community.

Maybe an environmental charity in your area could do with some extra love, or a mental health charity has gone above and beyond this year. Whatever projects you're passionate about and want to give back to, we could make it happen!

Simply nominate your chosen community project or cause below and tell us why you feel they deserve to be rewarded. You could then be in with a chance of getting £500 cash for yourself, as well as £500 going to the chosen project or charity!

Your nominated project or cause must be a registered charity.

Entries will close at 23.59 on Sunday 31st January 2021.

This competition is also running on Capital XTRA.

T&Cs apply.

Q. Tell us the name and a brief description of a UK based cause or community project you think we should support in 2021 with give back with giffgaff.

Please include your name, charity contact details and reason for nominating.

Please limit your answer to 300 characters or less